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Nr 2(14) (2023): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Problematyka konsumpcjonizmu w kontekście bezpieczeństwa żywnościowego w ujęciu globalnym

October 20, 2023


The article presents the issue of food security through an analysis of its definition with regard to the right to freedom from hunger. Through the prism of international decisions aimed at influencing the situation
of countries on other continents, attention was paid to the impact of individual situations in countries in other parts of the world. The author presents the negative consequences of global dependencies and
basing the whole food security of a country on them, which aims to indicate the need to provide the minimum security that should be guaranteed by the state. A reference was made to the contemporary situation of the war in Ukraine as an example of economic dependence on imports, as well as to other examples of crises that have taken place in recent years. Errors in statistical research carried out in
a dynamically changing situation need to be taken into account. The article refers to the results of the analysis of quantities, costs, and effects of production on an international scale, confirmed by international
organizations. It should be borne in mind that conducting such research requires the verification of a huge amount of data, which is why the author focuses mainly on confirmed research results from the last
decade. Forecasts prepared on the basis of the aforementioned data do not reflect the economic effects of the events in 2022. The author focused on comparing the scales and known relationships between
production, transport, consumer unawareness, and food waste. The article aims to raise awareness of the possibility of consumers’ decisions to build the market and maintain its quality. The independence of the
recipient of goods is hindered by the development of marketing techniques that subconsciously influence the consumer. At the same time, referring to sociological research, the problem of consumer society is
not about ordinary consumption but about giving it the rank of a value in itself. The complex number of aspects of each mechanism deserves a separate analysis. The author confronts the aforementioned
topics and points out the interdependencies between them, the proposed solutions, and the possibilities of a direct impact of consumer behavior on the global situation. The main purpose of the article is to indicate
the cause-and-effect mechanism that is responsible for the threat to food security and to present solutions currently proposed by scientists.