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Nr 4(16) (2023): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Przesłanki metodologiczne etyki bezpieczeństwa

March 30, 2024


Two approaches can be distinguished in research on the problem of morality within security. The first of these is the result of activities that form a person’s environment, determined through harmless technology, social relations, politics, law, etc. They define the conscious creation of a common social heritage. In this sense, security is an emanation of culture and a guarantee of a continued existence protected by civilization and progress. In the second, security is a function of the biological nature of a healthy life (genes, hormones, metabolism, etc.), ability and the fulfilling of the conditions for survival. In this understanding, security is an emanation of nature.  However, ethics, which address both of these dimensions, should construc norms and values and set priorities that support heritage and life, thereby strengthening society. To aid in this necessity, we have a law that enables the possibility of existence in the area of public relations. It is ethics that, by reducing potential threats in the scope of its competencies, corrects faults disrupting the existence of a human-friendly civilization. That is why every activity and all research aimed at creating the conditions for a good life has a security facet supported by science and technology, as well as a moral facet supported by ethics, law and customs. The instruments of this are axiology, aretalogy, deontology, ethology, praxeology and bioethics.