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Nr 4(16) (2023): Alcumena. Pismo Interdyscyplinarne – Alcumena. Interdisciplinary Journal

Mentoring kobiet w branży IT i morskiej jako przedsiębiorcza forma aktywności obywatelskiej

March 30, 2024


The current article focuses on the search for educational solutions in private sector companies relatedto reskilling and upskilling to help employees adjust to the changing labor market. Based on several editions of the Mentoring Program organized by Dare IT which supports women in reskilling for the IT sector and the mentoring project „Women also build ships”, the Author searches for best practices and examples of enriching organizational culture with elements of employee training and inclusivity policies. The Author also highlights the need for social discourse around engaging economic entities in balancing financial efficiency with responsible employee development through building a culture of belongingness within the model of participatory society (Hoskins, Kerr, 2012; Greef, 2017). Considering the shift of social support from the public to the private that is currently visible in numerous areas of life (Lager et al., 2015), the Author also notes the promotion of adult education and civic engagement in organizations, which may bring about mutual benefits. Mentoring is understood as a method of adult development in organizations (Baran, p. 75). In this understanding, mentoring gains in importance, which is related to a change in the conceptualization of its process and a wider perspective on the problem related to mentors’ attitudes as entrepreneurial forms of civic engagement, highlighting both their motivation towards this type of activity and their opinions on the obstacles towards implementing this process within companies. The article concludes by presenting best practices in order to encourage the implementation of mentoring as a form of civic engagement oriented towards fulfilling employee developmental needs by private economic entities.